The Forgetting

A 2016 International Thriller Writers Thriller Award Nominee for Best YA Novel
A 2015 Junior Library Guild Selection
A #1 Kindle Bestseller


Georgie’s new heart saved her life…but now she’s losing her mind…

All Georgie wants after she wakes up from her heart transplant is to go back to her old life, filled with good friends, a close-knit family, and her dream of getting into Juilliard to study the oboe. But almost immediately she starts to hear The Catch; a breath, a hiccup, in between her heartbeats. Worse, she’s forgetting things, things she would never in a million years forget, like the fact that she has a deadly strawberry allergy. In its place is the memory of her fifth birthday party…complete with a strawberry shortcake.

Georgie knows that memory isn’t hers, just like the memory of a room that she’s never been in or a lonely street corner that she’s never visited. Convinced that the memories are of her donor, she’s determined to figure out what happened to the girl whose heart now beats in her chest. The path to answers leads her straight to the boy that her donor loved, and into an underbelly of society that she never imagined existed. As Georgie searches for the truth, her own memories continue to disappear and she must solve the mystery of her donor’s death before she loses herself completely.

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[T]his story is a powerful call to action. Yet even with its obvious motivation, it is never preachy. Strong characters, a well-developed mystery and a budding romance all come together to make this a story worth reading. Admirably and appropriately, Maggi refuses to shy away from what Georgie uncovers, including drug use and graphic scenes of sexual violence against children.
Kirkus Review


Maggi’s (Winter Falls)…passion comes through in the honest portrayal of a privileged girl facing horrors and abuse that exist under her very nose. Readers will watch in suspense as Georgie decides how much she’s willing to sacrifice to see justice done.
Publishers Weekly


[T]eens…will be drawn into its suspenseful, exciting story that sheds light on an important social justice issue not often addressed in YA fiction. This book is a solid purchase for its innovative subject matter.
School Library Journal


Setting the story in Boston, Maggi works the landscape to good effect, from the wealthy neighborhood where the Kendricks live, to the economically depressed and dangerous Mattapan area. This debut novel is swift-paced and goes down easy, pulling both romance and mystery readers along for an enjoyable ride.