Winter Falls

The Night Battles have begun.

Sixteen-year-old Alessia Jacobs is dying to get out of her small town of Twin Willows, Maine. Things start looking up when a new family comes to town—but when she falls for Jonah, their hot, mysterious son, her life turns upside down.

Weird visions of transforming into an otherworldly falcon are just the beginning. Soon she learns she’s part of the Benandanti, an ancient cult of warriors with the unique power to separate their souls from their bodies and take on the forms of magnificent animals.

Alessia never would’ve suspected it, but her boring town is the site of an epic struggle between the Benandanti and the Malandanti to control powerful magic in the surrounding forest.

As Alessia is drawn into the Benandanti’s mission, her relationship with Jonah intensifies. When her two worlds collide, Alessia’s forced to weigh choices a sixteen-year-old should never have to make.

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(Note: The Twin Willows Trilogy is now out of print. If you can find a copy, snag it!)


Maggi’s pacing is quick, and her imaginative prose (with its ear for dialogue) supports a cast of characters…All elements combine to create a nicely textured real world where a surreal battle’s set to take place.

Readers will eagerly await the next installment in this promising paranormal adventure.
—Kirkus Review


Drawing on Italian lore, debut novelist Maggi weaves an intriguing…urban fantasy in which rival clans war for control of magical hot spots, including a waterfall near the tiny Maine town of Twin Willows.
—Publishers Weekly


Reminiscent of Twilight and Harry Potter, Winter Falls is the first installment of the Twin Willows Trilogy. Full of mystery and adventure, the novel explores environmental issues, relationships, magic, and the battle between good and evil. Alessia’s character is fully realized as she struggles with her grief over the death of her father and navigates the ups and downs of friendships, high school, home life, and her newfound role as member of the Benandanti. The action will keep the reader engaged until the very end, when the second book in the trilogy is sure to be eagerly anticipated.